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The area of business bankruptcy is complex and not easily understood. Many small-business owners are under the wrong impression that Chapter 11 bankruptcy is their only option. In reality, other bankruptcy options are often available to these individuals.

Lisa D. Loftin, PC has have a great understanding of the laws providing you and your business financial protection. With more than 20 years of legal experience in the bankruptcy area, Lisa D. Loftin has filed thousands of Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases. She has represented bankers, business owners, investors and a large variety of individual filers across Georgia.

Discussing Your Business Bankruptcy Options

Sometimes referred to as reorganization bankruptcy, Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows for businesses to put together a plan for paying back its creditors while keeping the business running. The restructuring plan allows for the business in some instances to renegotiate or cancel contracts and to acquire refinancing or loans. Importantly, a filing places a stay on creditors until the matter is resolved by the bankruptcy court.

Unfortunately, Chapter 11 may in many instances not be what you need. There are instances where you have more to lose through filing Chapter 11 than you have to gain. Sometimes a Chapter 7 filing resulting in the liquidation of all assets is the best option. In other instances, other avenues may need pursuing.

Whatever the circumstances, you do not want to move forward in any bankruptcy proceedings until you fully understand the benefits and consequences of any particular filing. Lisa has been there for many businesses and provided them with a variety of options. When providing business representation in bankruptcy proceedings, she gets to understand your circumstances and keep you fully informed about your case. As a lawyer, she provides complete and devoted personal attention to your needs.

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